The Sloppy Daily and Working on #16!

So, I'm almost done with #16. Not exactly a week, but two weeks (so far) is the fastest I've produced a strip. Sucks to have to work a full time job. Also, to get warmed up this morning I did a really quick, pen and ink, Atomic Tails one off. In a way it's also to save ideas for future joke. Jason and I made the unfortunate mistake of eating fast food last night. My gut is still paying for it, but it also kind of inspired the idea of Chudd and Trog's favorite fast food joined; Mac-thulu's. Also, we had this idea for a joke about "a tub of Nuggets" which I'll probably work into a strip later on down the road. Anyways, I call this the Sloppy Daily because I moved really fast on this (I didn't want my fear to get in the way) and it just looks bad to me. Maybe by doing more of these I'll be able to improve my freehand mouse sketches. I'm also doing some character design study and I hope this will help improve my toons. Anyways, check out a preview of 15 below as it is coming together!