HE Man

Just Getting Started!

I just started putting the website together, and I'm running into all sorts of problems. Sorry if the comic strip is kind of unreadable or small. I'm hoping to fix that soon. Unfortunately I'm like really new to using Squarespace and this CMS isn't designed for webcomics. Well, not yet. 

The 10 strips I posted the other day were started about 3 years ago. I've been taking some time off from working on the strip it self to develop the form of the characters and study cartooning. I spend a lot of time drawing the Looney Tunes and cartoons like Tom and Jerry on top of normal character study and perspective work. I'm hoping the practice will pay off and I'll have better looking characters. 

One thing I've been doing is mixing my mice with other cartoons. Recently I did a couple of MOTU mash ups with the mice. I like doing this and I think it's helping me work out their overall form. Plus, it's just fun. After MOTU, I'm going to start on some DC Mash ups. I'm also working on a series of character sheets for the comics main characters (Chudd, Trog, Butter, D20, and Numbers) , I'm hoping to have that posted here soon too. Anyways check out the images below, and I'll have prints of them available on the Murray Brothers Creative website soon, and we're also taking them to Power-Con 2016!