Atomic Tails #21!


I'm usually very critical of my art skills, but I think I sketched a pretty bad ass super-cow for this one. 

Anyways, folks, check out the latest Atomic Tails below! Though I've planned a bunch of different stories and adventures for Chud and Trog, the main arch to their story is that they come together to create the world's greatest comic book: Atomic Moo! The story of a fire-breathing super-cow! Also, we are working on a real life Atomic Moo comic, which you can read at 

There is a lot in this strip I'm kind of proud of. I still need a ton of work on my illustration skills (and writing), but I feel like this strip begins to really define some of the fellows personalities. Strip #22 is on its way, which will be the 2nd to last strip with the fellows on the couch. I'm getting kind of sick of the living room and I want to move the characters on to other place. 

Be back soon with a new strip!

Atomic Tails #21