Atomic Tails #20!


...and a month later: New Atomic Tails! Yeah, pretty bad, but despite a heap of bullshit, I somehow managed to get a strip produced. Chud and Trog continue to hash out Chud's moving back in with his twin brother. I'm a shitty artist, but there are somethings in this strip I'm actually proud of; like the box of "Breakfast Chum." I just kind of threw that together at the end of making the strip and I think it came out pretty good. Also, I continue to practice poses and posture for the characters - even though they're sitting most of the time. I think I went a little overboard with all the pointing, but I like the body proportions better in this one than in most previous strips. 

So, I already have most of the next strip written and sketched out. Hopefully it won't take me over a month to get it online. I hope. Check out the new strip below and everywhere else on the site!