Atomic Tails #17

AT 17 Sample

Yeah, this one took awhile too, but I'm trying a lot of new stuff. And I'm lazy. One of the things that took so long with this strip was I actually drew an entire living/TV room for Trog's apartment. You only get to see a little bit of it in #17, but I drew bookcase, windows, and all sorts of other stuff that I'm hoping to use later on. The good thing about doing that was it sets up another asset for future use so I don't have to redraw every thing again, I worked a little bit harder on Buttery on this one too. I lost the star on his outfit (I never really liked it) and I tried (probably failed) to work on his sitting pose. Buttery is essentially just a bigger version of Chudd and Trog, but he's still an awkward draw as I figure out the toon. 

One last thing about #17, we also launched a Patreon for Atomic Tails, and created our first add for the comic strip. I kind of dig it. I'm also trying to restructure the archive page for series one to something that is some what readable, but that's a work in progress. I also reformatted the strip so that Instagram followers can see the entire thing. 

Anyways, I'm already beginning work on #18 and series one is coming to a close soon. This has been a good warm up and I really into Chudd, Trog, and their world. Yeah, I'm weird and a little worried by that, but fuck it! It's my crazy and it doesn't hurt anyone. 

If you are interested in helping us, check out the Patreon link above. Currently we're just asking for dollar donations as we work on some rewards for higher contribution levels. My main goal is to be able to pay for the site, which cost about $20.00 a month right now. I'm mostly broke so getting enough support to cover the site cost would really (REALLY) help. 

On to 18!


Atomic Tails #17
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