Strip #13!!!

Just finished strip #13! This time around I tried to not paint the strip in full color, and I actually kind of like how it came out. I'm a huge fan of Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County and I really like how he draws expressions and how he'll just drop in a little color on some of his strips. I wish I had his talent.

Anyways, this strip was produced much faster than all the ones prior, so I think I'll continue in a sort of near color style. Then if I start doing larger "Sunday" like strips I'll do the entire thing in color. Also, I did this entire strip on an eleven year old computer. My normal computer is going through a slow and painful demise, so I had to use AI CS3 and mouse! Currently I'm trying to save money for a new computer so that I can start using my Wacom tablet again, but since starting this strip I had a couple of trips to the emergency room, so medical bills come first. Sucks to be poor. On a brighter note, I'm already thumb nailing the next strip (a Trog strip) and I'm going to try very hard to meet a two week deadline. That'll be the 7th of January. I think I can do it.